Been A While / Three Pistols

It has been a while but the boys in Basler are back! A few big changes have happened in the last year and a half and Basler has decided to change the name of the band!! They have been using the name since 2007 when they released the first album. It was the brainchild of Cameron Basler the bands founder. He wrote and recorded all the songs on the album and couldn't think of a proper band name at the time of the release so he went with "Basler". The name stuck and lasted for ten years, not without it's tribulations though. Common misspelling and incorrect pronunciation of the name lead to a lot of frustration and that also made it hard for people to remember. The band was going to put together a Tragically Hip Tribute at the passing of Gord Downie and were going to call it Three Pistols. The band didn't end up doing the tribute with the three of them so a different name was used for the Hip Tribute but the name Three Pistols stuck the the three in Basler and they felt it defined the band nicely. "When Basler started out it was just me writing the songs and I would bring them to a drummer friend, Chad Carmichael and then I would record them. That was Basler at first. Then we needed to play live so a bass player was hired. Now I have had Trevor and Humbert in the band for a long time and I feel they deserve more credit. They are amazing musicians and I am so lucky to have them on my team.", says Cameron. " I look forward to some of the fun things we can do with the new name too, as far as visuals for merch and things!" The band wills start using the name in October and hopefully the transition will be smooth. The first shows for Three Pistols is going to be at the end of October then they plan to do some recording and release an EP very shortly.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for THREE PISTOLS!

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