Cooped Up Covideo Concert Contest

Episode 2 of the Cooped Up Covideo Concert Series was a blast last night! Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in! Stay tuned to find out when the next one will be!

Cam announced a contest on the Live Stream last night. The contest was for anyone who could name all the songs that he did last night and to email your answer to Those entries will be entered to win the Basler Prize Pack!  We know that is pretty tough so to make it easier we will give you the answers below.

  1. All The Oceans (Basler)
  2. Something In The Way (Nirvana)
  3. Luckiest Guy (Basler)
  4. The Last Time (Basler)
  5. Not Tonight (Basler)
  6. Raspberry Beret (Prince)
  7. Never Going Back Again (Basler)
  8. She's Gone (Basler)
  9. Swimming In Oblivion (Basler)
  10. Hard To Handle (Black Crowes)
  11. Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots)

Thanks again for your support!

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