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  1. Die Alone

From the recording Die Alone Single

Song about how we all die alone in the end.


It's a losing battle you think you'll win
But sooner or later you'll pray your free from sin
The darkness hides in corners of your mind
and then your left with nothing but what you've left behind
It always ends. It always ends

Here you are you've reached the end
Always knew you'd die alone
No one to greet you or call a friend
Always knew you'd die alone

You beg for mercy but you won't let go
Your words can't hurt me. No one will ever know.
You know the end is coming and you say you'll change
but there's no use running cause it still stays the same
It always ends It always ends


It was a crime of passion. Loved every minute of it.
Funniest thing, no one gives a shit
Now are the sins forgiven of this helpless child,
who should have never been given the gift of life
It always ends. It always ends.