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  1. The In-Between

From the recording Drei Lieder

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Song about thoughts of someone after a breakup when some time has passed.


She loved me with her eyes.
Or maybe that was just a disguise.
Or just another one of those lies
I wouldn't find that such a big surprise
I just hope there was I time when I was hers and she was mine

She disappointed me.
But yet at times she made me so happy.
I never really knew what I wanted it to be
and at times it wasn't very easy.
It took a lot to keep control, maybe it was never meant to be at all

Now I feel so out of place.
I think you can see it in my face.
If you look hard enough you might see a trace
Of what was once my love

Now that she's gone (Now She's Gone)
and I gotta think about moving on (
I'm wondering how strong
I'll have to be to carry on
past all the memories, the good, the bad and the In-between.

Chorus x 2