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Basler News

Winner Of The Cooped Up Covideo Concert Contest! 

A while back we announced the Cooped Up Covideo Concert Contest. You had to list the songs that were done in Episode 2 and the bands that originally performed the songs. Many of you entered but only one can win and the winner is:

Lucas Zakal

from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

Enjoy your Basler prize pack consisting of, a Basler T-shirt, Keychain, Pen, a copy of the first Basler CD, A download of the the Drei Lieder EP!

Pre - Basler's Basement 

Basler announced that they will be putting together a new online series called "Basler's Basement" that will be ready sometime in the near future. Until then Basler would like to bring you some entertainment to tide you over. Seeing we are still not getting together socially and the band hasn't been able to get together to practice, Cam has decided to do some one off songs and the like for the next few weeks till Basler's Basement is ready to go. Please email us at to let us know if there are any Basler original songs you would like Cam to do or songs you would like Cam to cover by other artists. They will be posted here and on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

New Series - Basler's Basement 

The new series from Basler is coming soon!

The story of a struggling musician, Cameron Basler, who finds a portal to another dimension in wall of his basement, where music and laughter reign supreme.

The story takes place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and follows the adventures of Cam and friends as they adventure into another dimension through a portal in the wall of his basement which Cam finds while renovating his house to make a recording studio. The episodes have music and comedy as well as a few other things that can only take place in another dimension. Make sure you check it out when it premiers, sometime in the next few weeks. Sign up for the email list to be the first to find out when it will air! 

Things are always a little weird in...

Nirvana Night and New Series announcement! 

Last nights Nirvana Night show was a blast and Basler thanks everyone who attended and thanks for making the Cooped Up Covideo Concert Series a great success.If you missed it you can check out the replay here at Cam also announce that he will be doing a new series called Basler's Basement which will air on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch in the near future. Stay tuned to find out when!

Nirvana Night - Cooped Up Covideo Concert Series Episode 4 

We are starting to get outside more in the last few weeks! We aren't as cooped up as we used to be so this Friday will be the last of the Cooped Up Covideo Concert Series. Cameron has had a lot of requests for some Nirvana songs during the last few Covideos so he has decided to do a bunch of Nirvana songs as well as some of his own originals! There will be more online concerts to come but this will be the last in the Cooped Up Covideo Concert Series. Check it out at at 7pm Mountain Time on Friday May 22nd!

Basler Store is now open! 

Have you ever wanted a Basler T-shirt? Maybe you wake up in the morning and think to yourself that your coffee would taste that much better out of a coffee mug with a Basler logo on it! Perhaps you have a bunch of keys but know where to keep them in one place! Well the Basler Store is here for you! Check it out by clicking the Store button here on our website or by just typing in into your browser and shop away! We accept all kinds of payment methods and we really appreciate you supporting Basler!

Thank you! New Items In The Store! T-shirt Contest! 

Basler wants to thank everyone for making the Cooped Up Covideo Concert Series a success! A special thanks to everyone who used the tip options through and! It really means a lot to us!

We also have new items in the Basler Store! We have Basler Keychains w/Light and Basler Pens! Check them out at!

We will also be getting some T-shirts but we need some info from you! What is your favorite colour for a band T-shirt and what is your prefered size? Email your answer to and you will be entered to win a T-shirt once they arrive!

Thanks for your support and have an awesome day!

Ocho De Mayo This Friday! 

Just a reminder post that Basler will be celebrating Ocho De Mayo this friday night at 7pm Mountain Time with a Facebook Live performance. What is Ocho De Mayo you ask? Well it's May 8th of course! What are we celebrating? We are celebrating everything we couldn't celebrate on May 4th (Star Wars Day) or May 5th (Cinco De Mayo) because Cam was working at the music store. Musical instruments are essential!! So this Friday Cameron will be playing a whole pile of originals, including some that you may have never heard live before! He might throw in a cover song or two as well. It's a surprise. Make sure you tune in to Facebook at on Friday night!


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